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Chief Everything Officer of L. L. Slim, and avid sports fan. Especially teams from my youth; Cleveland, Ohio. So I am an avid Browns, Cavs, and Indians fan. Also with having Cerebral Palsy, I am very active in the adaptive and wheelchair sports community. I participate and manage the local power soccer team, Charlotte Power Surge. Also I am apart of the IT committee of the United States Power Soccer Association.(USPSA)  Other organizations that I belong to are:

  • Rehabiliation and Engineering Society of North America (RESNA),
  • Charlotte Linux Users Group (Charlug)
  • North Carolina Disability Action Network (NC DAN)

I am a engineer / scientist at heart. I like to dig through things and figure out how and why they work. My friendsand colleagues who I work with say that I  am a bit pedant with my answers. I research and shop for the best bang for my budget. Also since I use an Augmentative Communication device, or more commonly known as a talking device. I have to be thorough in building sentences that can be understood through my machine on the first pass. A few say my machine gives me an unfair advantage of being able to always think before I speak. Over the years I have become to learn people really care less about listenning to articulate silloques, but more likely to react to short unintellectual repeatable phrases. As a person who really believes in quality over quantity in many areas of my life. My ability to think before I speak has hindered my ability to effectively integrate myself into my community, and it's my everyday struggle.

That is me in a nutshell. 

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