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By Slim - Posted on 04 September 2009

In order to give you a proper introduction to the business of L. L. Slim, LLC. and a description of our mission and vision as a company. We must first tell you where the name L. L. Slim comes from as it has a special meaning to us.

The name L. L. Slim stems from a nickname Kevin Williams, our Founder & CEO, gave himself in a journal entry for a Disability Policy Class he took in 1999 while attending college. L.L. Slim or its full incarnation of Leaky Lip Slim is a combination of nicknames that Kevin’s mom and brother gave him while growing up.

To remind him to use his arm sweat band to wipe the saliva from his chin and lips, Kevin’s mother uses the phrase “get your mouth, Leaky Lip”. Also since his younger brother has always been physically larger than Kevin while they both ate same portions of food.  His brother started calling Kevin “Fatboy Slim” as apart of brotherly love.

While discussing self-determination and how he feels when Kevin sees himself through other people’s eyes. Kevin described the feelings, the attitude, and personality he has while in public with a disability as a separate and distinct persona named “Leaky Lip Slim” in the journal for the class. From that point on Kevin has found a method to express his thoughts and feelings as both thoughtful and very refined Kevin Williams, and the very brash and sarcastic Leaky Lip Slim. Over the years since first starting using the vehicle of Leaky Lip Slim, the distinct dichotomy between Leaky Lip Slim and Kevin Williams has pretty much dissolved in the form of separate personas as Kevin became more out going. Now Kevin is using the name Leaky Lip Slim as a brand name to get his creative and engineering thoughts to the public in a way that will represent all aspects of Kevin as a person sharing his talents and experiences with the world.

So to use the name for business would be a perfect fit, because it expresses the sentiment of the pride Kevin has in his disabilities as viewed  by society. The pride that is not ashamed of having a disability, and believes the development of his talents to deeply comprehend his surroundings and the determination to get things done are direct results of having disability that wouldn't be pressent otherwise.

As a company, L. L. Slim, LLC. inherits and expands on the talents of our Founder to provide exceptional service in producing quality software applications. Gaining a thorough understanding of our clients needs, and the determination to deliver a quality solution to meet those needs is what drives the company each and every day.