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By Slim - Posted on 03 September 2009

The following are features of this website. Blog Since this is a personal site of sorts. This section contains Kevin's written accounts and opinions about his life, work, and other issues going on in the universe. Registered site users can comment on blog entries to interact with Kevin and dive deeper into a particular subject. A blog entry will contain a mix of internet media resources that the author will use to assist in his description of the subject he is discussing. Media resources may be any of the following:
  1. Pictures
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Quotes from other sites around the net.
Picture Gallery This section just shows a visual account of the things important or note worthy from the mind of Kevin Williams. The gallery contains photos of family, friends, and special events that Kevin attended. Also there are photos of Kevin for marketing purposes for speaking engagements, web articles, and other things Kevin participates in. There will be pictures of original art produced by Kevin as well. Resources / Contacts This section list all of the web links to resources and web contacts that Kevin thinks are worthwhile to know and visit frequently. The resources are organized through Kevin's own Resource Taxonomy.