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A new communication device does not build vocabulary

This is an essay I wrote for ACOLUG, a mailing list for Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC). Augmentative Communication to describe quickly is the field of studying how people use language through means other than their voices or Sign Language. People who use Augmentative Communication, called Augmentative Communicators, typically use speech generatiing devices or manual communication boards. We as Augmentative Communicators typically has some physical limitations along with the inability to express ourselves clearly through speech.

The RDS System and Tools for Development

In my quest in becoming a better developer. I am using the Retrieve, Develop, and Stage System to rapidly develop web applications. This system is where I store and retrieve my commonly used code in a source controlled repository, develop and configure a customized website from a working copy of the code on my local development system, and then stage a working copy of the application in order to release it into production. Just the basic three step process where I refine it with each project site I develop.

Directory Structure and Naming Conventions for Web Development

On my path to becoming a better developer. This is the directory structure and file naming conventions to implement a website with Drupal 6. We will map the directories in another message.


Better Developer: Choosing a platform and framework

In my quest to become a better developer. I started to really examine my basic tools that I am working with to do my development work. My aim is to be a better all around developer, and use tools to get my job done easier. One of my new montras at this time is: the "do the easy way, and not the pedantic way." Might not make sense to many people, but hits home for me. I am a person who can make things harder for myself, because instead of doing the quick and often non-efficient way. I spend and waste a lot of time dreaming of the perfect solution.